Watch the Birdie

Much of my spare time these days is spent working on personal projects. It keeps me match fit for the paid work.

I was on a commercial shoot in rural Ireland recently. When we had finished I got chatting to a local in a bar about my love for abandoned and decayed buildings. He told me about an old house in the area once owned by a librarian named ‘Birdie’.
Birdie Higgins moved out of this house 14 years ago and went to live in a retirement home. Time almost seems to have stood still since her leaving and me arriving.
She died 3 years ago at the age of 94.

A number of publications in both the US and Italy wrote about the project.

The homelessness project is still on the move and I’ve now got into the habit of also doing some video with each individual I meet. I have quite a number shot and I’ll have to get a good editor to put it all nicely together. Here’s one very rough edit I’ve attempted to do myself

Martin is still doing his thing and I visit him regularly. I still take him out for the day on an odd occasion He had spoken about moving on to tour Ireland by foot but happily he’s in good health and still cosy under the bridge.

Commercially I’ve been quite busy and have shot some interesting stuff

Birdie's Gaf

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